Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great Cookie Marriage Favour Concepts.

Dark Chocolate Truffles quarter cup unsalted butter three tablespoons heavy cream four oz. of dark chocolate, sliced two big spoons liqueur ( Tip : if you're making chocolate-orange truffles, add one small spoon orange zest. Shoes for wedding. ) Blend the butter and the cream in a shallow pan over medium-high heat. Mix in the sliced chocolate, the liqueur, ( and orange zest if you're making chocolate-orange truffles ) and continue stirring till it is smooth. Chill till the truffle mix is firm ( 2-3 hours ). ( Note : If the mix is tough to work with, you could need to relax it longer ). Finishing Truffles You can dip your truffles in liquified chocolate ( light, dark or ivory ) or chocolate compounds. So there's a fragile balance that really must be held with all wedding gifts.

No simple zip lock bag will work for this position.

As an example if it's an autumn marriage favour a pale pink tissue paper will be to sophisticated for the season. Allow the surplus chocolate to drip off and place them on a baking sheet coated with greaseproof paper. You can make a spread of truffles at Christmas time or for an up-coming marriage.

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