Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashionably Late.

Direct Answers - Column for the week of Jan 6, 2003.

What can a pair do and say when they've been late in getting marriage thank yous out to folks? We have been married 2 years, with 2 separations among other major challenges, and eventually need to send cards.

I really wish that I could hear some type of answer from her like, "Yes, honey, why don't we?" Part of me feels like doing them myself and signing my name just because I presumed wives were intended to look after this.

Ladd, the new year is a time for new beginnings. Get sufficient stamps, write the cards all at the same time, and mail them before you lose your nerve. You could say better late than never, or you could mention you have frequently thought of their present and realized they have not been thanked. If you remember what they gave, mention it. Most everybody will think well of you for having the bravery to act.

This issue is disturbing you.

Direct Answers - Column for the week of July one, 2002.

I am a 26-year-old flight attendant engaged to get married in ten weeks. On Sat. night my future mother-in-law flipped out at my fianc for desiring to wed me. We have been engaged 8 months, and everything appeared to be going well.

Marissa, as a flight attendant, you have to have dealt with many indignant, sad folks.

Typically we endorse being forthright in saying feelings lest the individual making the scene be permitted to win. Maybe this is your inner nature pronouncing, With a little effort I'll resolve the problems which are weighing on me. Since we have been together it has always been this way when we talk on the fone.

I believe the reason I realized this is as it sounded so peculiar to hear. Get some more stories about gold shoes for wedding.

Stan, next time you speak with your wife at work and she calls you by name, try this.

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