Monday, December 7, 2009

Organizing a Special Marriage Shower.

Bridal showers are one out of many pre-wedding parties and are great fun. Not just that, but they're a good excuse for the bride to meet up with her acquaintances and family to play funny games and to enjoy the wine and food. Either way, if you're having a conventional shower party for just the bride, or decide to have a couples shower, then the planning and the checklist will usually be the same. Due to the tight schedule the bride and her folks will have in the lead up to her marriage, it's best to hold the shower about 4 to 6 weeks before the marriage.

First, you want to decide whether or not the party will be formal or relaxed and laid back. Other times, some of the brides best friends will get together at a home and throw a tiny get together for them. The color pattern, or group of colours selected will carry through the event. From the bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen's ties all of the way down to the colour of the serviettes on the tables at the reception will probably match. Or, the marriage shower theme can be something similar. One smart idea for a couples shower is a wine tasting theme. This is good for a Sat. night party and I am sure the men will like this one and simply get into the swing of things. Ivory bridal shoes. If you do, you do not have to go over the top with favors if you would like to keep the cost down.

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