Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Marriage Aisle - Who is Walking You Down it?

Seal n Send Invites : this kind of invite is mailed to guests as a single-folded piece having the reply postcard attached to the invite by a puncture for simple removal. Since the reply piece is a postcard, you'll save on postage for the return mailing. They can be revealed on the same paper as your invitation but mailed on your marriage day or straight after with the wording saying that your marriage has taken place. Reply Cards : These cards are crucial to planning for your dinner / reception since a correct guest attendance count will be required for food and seating preparations. Don't forget to include a postage stamp on this little envelope that will also have a mailing address already outlined on it so all of your guests have to do is fill out the card and mail it back by the date you have made public on it. Broadcast Invite Envelope Flaps : This option of having your return address imprinted on the outside envelope can save you valuable time and guarantee that undeliverable invites are returned to you.

Selecting who should walk up the aisle with you isn't as straightforward at it's been in the past. This designates the bride's transfer from reliance to autonomy and she has a new life of her very own. This is pretty safe since it still involves the daddy of the bride. While this is going to be also seen as a scheme to go against a "male controlled society", it should be accepted by most if you worry about it.

Another thing that's getting more favored is the groom meeting the bride halfway. Some brides and their mummies are so close that custom is a non-issue. Color decisions will change depending on the invite style you select.

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